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Reema is the leading BOLLYFIT dancer and choreographer, with experience and training in the Fitness Industry in the US and in South East Asia (including Australia).

Reema has conceptualized 'Bollywood Aerobics', which is teaching fitness workouts to the latest and popular Bollywood Remix music. She launched this as the 'BOLLYFIT' Program in India in 2003,. She organized Fitness Dance Shows, including a performance at the 'Youth Nexus Festival', sponsored by HT City, where all the moves were synchronized to Bollywood music.

Today, Reema is a well known fitness media personality.

As one of the leading Group Fitness Instructors and founder of the 'BOLLYFIT' Program in India, has been a pioneer of Group Fitness Aerobic activity in India. Representing The International Fitness Group in India, she is a certified Fitness Instructor, trained initially by the American Fitness Company & Aerobics Group, 'USA Shape'. As one of the leading Fitness Consultants in the country, she has excellent experience and training in the Fitness Industry in the US (New York with Bally's Jack Lalane and with the California Fitness Group), in South East Asia (Singapore) and in Australia. In addition, Reema has done certification courses at multiple Reebok Workshops and Conventions on 'Healthy Living' and 'Nutritional Benefits' program from, USA.

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