How To Lose Weight? What To Drink And What Not

Many amongst us, who usually wonder how to lose weight, often take care of things that we eat. However, we often overlook the drinks that we take. That is really a major mistake. Selecting right drinks will help in tweaking your metabolism, controlling the appetite, and cutting calories. So, which drinks can help and which can spoil your weight loss goals? Let’s run through a few of them so that you don’t have to wonder any more that how to lose weight!


Each time a soda bottle is gulped down, hundreds of calories are taken in and they are only the empty calories. Diet drinks can obviously help you cut those extra calories, but the researchers are still not convinced on the weight loss effects of such a switch. According to some studies, there is a short-term advantage of switching to diet drinks. According to others, drinking soda leads to weight gain. If the amount of calories that you take in is more compared to what you burn then simply a switch to diet drinks would not be enough.


So, want to know how to lose weight? Replace carbonated drinks by water as it will help you cut several hundred calories every day. Taking a couple of water glasses before your meals can also be helpful in feeling full and you do not eat too much as a result. This certainly helps you lose weight fast. Furthermore, taking sufficient amount of water also affects your metabolism positively.

Fruit Juice

The number of calories present in juice would be same as that in soda; however, it carries far more nutrients. So, it presents a sort of dilemma: You’d like to take antioxidants and vitamins without that extra sugar. So, how to lose weight with fruit juice? Go for 100% pure fruit juice. Avoid juice drinks which come with added sweeteners. For this, you can check nutrition label and check percentage of the real juice present in the drink. Calories can also be successfully slashed when you drink water with some juice added in it.

Vegetable Juice

These juices are equally nutritious as the fruit juices and have so much more sodium, but with calories cut to half. There are 41 calories in a cup full of the tomato juice whereas orange juice carries 122 calories in same volume. Going for pulpy juices will allow you to add some fiber intake and this will help in controlling hunger. So, you can lose weight fast with these juices.


Blending banana, blueberries, and strawberries into frothy smoothie will give you a really delicious drink. It is advisable to make smoothies yourself as it gives you complete control on ingredients. You only need skim milk and frozen or fresh fruit for a perfect delight. It is possible for restaurant smoothies to have honey, ice cream or some other sweeteners which give a hike to calorie count.

Energy Drinks

Still wondering how to lose weight? Remember, energy drinks are the spoilers! Mostly, the energy and sports drinks, like soda, are nothing less than a calorie bomb. There may be some added nutrients in them, but same minerals and vitamins can be found in some low-calorie foods as well. Keeping yourself hydrated is one of the best weight loss tips but for that purpose you should avoid sports drinks and only stick to water. Sports drinks should only be taken when you are doing intense exercising and sweating too much and extra nutrients are required.

The above mentioned drinks and their effects are the perfect answer to your question, “how to lose weight”. Make sure to follow these easy weight loss tips and tricks to lose weight fast.