How to Make Comprehensive Weight Loss Diet Plan

Increased weight is a threat to your health. If you fail to keep your weight in check and fat around your waist, thighs, shoulders and neck, start following a healthy diet plan which is low in calories but high in other nutrients essential for your health. Your complete diet plan must contain those foods that supply you with fiber, vitamins, protein, minerals and water. Calorie count should not increase more that what you need according to your height and age. Physical activities and strenuous jobs also need to be put in consideration when you set yourself a weight loss diet plan. If you do more active work and remain mobile for most of your day, you need a higher calorie diet. In case of doing an office job where you keep sitting most of your time, a low calorie diet is suggested.

Once you commence your efforts to lose weight, prepare healthy weight loss diet plans from the very beginning. There are some main nutrients that must be present in your diet no matter you are on diet or no. These are found in a wide category of foods in every season. You make a list of these foods and then diversify your daily meals by picking some of the foods and making any combination that you like. Following is a common weight loss diet plan which you can modify according to your own taste, and preference.


Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day which has a big importance in healthy fat loss diet plan. It prepares you to go through the ordeals of your all day long jobs pretty well while keeping you healthy and fit. There are many foods that are palatable in the breakfast for example, milk, eggs, cheese, brown bread, low-calorie cereals, yogurt salad, milk-shake, fruit salad, fruit juice or any seasonal fruit. While you go through your weight loss diet plan to make advance setting for the coming week, keep in view what you roughly expect your weekdays to be like. In case of going for a field work and spending the whole day working out awhile keeping active, you need a more provisioning breakfast because you mean to lose weight only and not energy.


Make your diet plan for healthy weight loss by adding lean white meat in your meals. It is high in protein and low in calories. Other foods may include carrots, root beet, broccoli, cabbage, green leafy vegetables, beans (both fresh and dried), whole grains, baked sweet potatoes, boiled potatoes, peas, lentils, and salads. Now it is your choice how to diversify your meal with these ingredients in the light of weight loss diet plan but keep one thing in mind that your cooking method should be healthy so that the nutrients in the food are not lost. Sprinkle lemon in your food especially the salads.


Keep dinner mostly comprising of easily digestible foods as comfortable sleep owes to light food and relaxed digestion system. This is vital in weight loss also as proper sleep averts you from gaining unnecessary pounds. You can have vegetables both is lightly cooked form or made into salad. Add with that a piece of chicken steak or baked fish. Avoid adding in your weight loss diet plan those fatty and fried foods in all cases.