Workouts at Home That Will Help You Keep Your Knees Strong

Whether you love to go to gym or have a thorough walking routine, you give a pounding to your knees every day. Furthermore, it is more likely for women to experience pain in their knees as compared to men. They often blame their wider hips for that and get stressed too often. Furthermore, it is believed that the female hormones, like estrogen, are responsible for weakening the ligaments found around their knees. So, steps should be taken for making sure that the knees should be protected against any injury as they are, unarguably, amongst most significant parts of the body. You can add some of these workouts at home to the workout routines you follow so that your knees can bear everything you do in your daily life.

Calf Stretch

This is one of the best workouts at home and can be done fairly easily. For this you need to stand away from the wall at an arm’s length. Place the right foot right behind the left one. Put hands on the wall to get support and slowly bend the left knee in the forward direction while keeping the right knee dead straight. Right heel should be kept on floor and the left knee should go above the left foot. Keep yourself in this position for around 30 seconds. Now do the same by switching the legs.

Temple Pose

Stand in a position where your feet are 4 ft. apart from one another, at least. Toes should be turned out at an angle of 45 degrees. Now bring the palms together and keep them at your heart level. Make sure to lift the chest up and drop the shoulders. Inhale, and start to bend the knees until the thighs get parallel to floor. Make sure that the knees are kept over the feet, and the back is kept straight without forming any kind of arch. The belly should be drawn in and upwards, while dropping down the tailbone. Stay in the same position for 5-15 breaths; now release and get back to standing position. Do up to 3 repetitions.

Partial Squats

For doing these workouts at home you should stand in a position where your feet are apart at your shoulder-width and are pointed straight. Now squat slowly until you make 45-defree angle while bending at your knees. However, it should be ensured that your knees don’t extend in forward direction beyond your toes. In order to keep the balance, partial squat is recommendable while you lean the back against some wall.

Other Important Workouts At Home

Some other workouts at home and knee exercises that will help you strengthen your knees include Hamstring Curls, Step Ups, Quadriceps Stretch, Hamstring Stretch, etc.

It is important that you do these workouts at home as part of your regular workout routines. They will help you maintain the strength of your knees and keep you fit longer than you may expect.